Meet Allyson Byrd

So many teachers show up to teach all the pitfalls to avoid in hopes of you curating maybe 10% more success in your life. This is after you make it to the top 1% of people that they tell you barely make it into the sacred rings of achievement. It’s called motivational speaking but it sounds tragic AF, right? 

Well, after screwing up her life for over 20 years with multiple careers, failed business ideas, sad singleness, unhappy family, broken relationships, no money, living in a tiny apartment and weighing in at 345lbs, Allyson discovered motivational speaking and how unmotivated she was when she heard it. 

She then read the Gandhi quote, “Be the change you wish to see in this world.” and she decided to change the game. 

When Allyson speaks, she answers the question, “WHAT IF IT ALL GOES RIGHT?” 

Through her own story, she shares how she made life way harder than it had to ever be. 

For decades she trash-talked and shamed herself letting perfectionism, anxiety, people-pleasing, and other self-sabotaging habits take over until she hardly recognized herself. She says that if you saw her during those times, you’d say she was positive and cheerful, but inside she was relentlessly beating herself up and frustrated that life never went her way.

Can you relate? 

The hard core truth is that inner peace is a lot of f*cking work but so is living in shame, overwhelm, lack, scarcity or fear. We all get to choose our “hard” and Allyson is the master of teaching you how to do it with ease. 

Reinventing your life — getting what you really want in business, home, and in your relationships may seem hard.

It’s not. You can do it. You just need to know how. Congratulations… you’re in the bonus round of life where you manifested “Allyson!” 

You will never be the same.