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Are you at a place in your business where you feel like you’re struggling to make it work, despite having a deep passion for what you do?

Not quite sure how best to monetize your mission? Well, I’ve got a deal for you. I’m now offering half-day Profit Booster Sessions.


Lisa Nichols, CEO
Allyson used her sales system to double our event sales and bring radical growth of over 1081% in less than one year. Allyson’s system produces millionaires and now, it’s your turn!


Chanel Bradley, CEO

  • In our first year of coaching, Allyson helped my company increase 157% net profit over the prior year.
  • In the 2nd year of coaching, I expanded Allyson to work with me and my entire sales and recruiting team and net profits went up 513% over the prior year.
  • In the 3rd year, we increased another 185% in spite of the ACA/ Obamacare scare, which was a tremendous impact to our business.
  • By the fourth year, we crossed the $5 million dollar mark with net profits increased another 204%.

When I total our cost with Allyson over four years, our investment was ONLY 2.7% of the net cash increase our company experienced.


Melissa Hughes, Founder & CEO

Allyson Byrd is the Now-Money-Now Sales Coach!
She’s an amazing sales coach, advisor, and executive. I’ve seen her up leveling others businesses in the area of increase sales and increased revenue streams. It is great seeing her in action and her sharing her gifts to support servant hearts, servant leaders and awesome bankable brands in multiple industries in the area of sales.

In these mini-sessions, we’ll cover much of the same ground I cover with my Profit Acceleration Day clients. We won’t go as in-depth as the full-day, in-person sessions (it’s simply not possible with an online connection and shorter timeframe), but we will blast through a TON of material, diving as deep as we can, to make sure you leave ready to take your business to the next level.

This is a perfect option for entrepreneurs in startup or “getting there” mode, being that it’s less than half the price with zero travel expenses.

I aim to please and that’s why I’m ready to show up on a computer screen near you. :)

If your business is at a place to benefit from a more in-depth experience, please do apply for a spot (they’re very limited) on my Profit Acceleration Tour.


Holly Yeck, Director

As I result of working with Allyson, I know this will be my most profitable year in my brand consulting business. Allyson inspired me with her risk-taking mentality and her story of perseverance during times of adversity. She has a no-excuse approach towards obtaining goals. In working with Allyson, I’m creating the tools and confidence to take my business to the next level.


Nicole K. Lundy, Money-Making Brand Strategist

I knew I had to hire Allyson as my sales coach because I wanted to triple my revenue in 2014 and knew I needed to master converting prospects that wanted to work with me. I knew Allyson was the only one to take me there. In the first month of working with Allyson, I lasered on my program offerings and created $17,000 in new revenue dollars..


Daniel Alderete, CEO

We needed an infusion of revenue in our business and we needed it FAST. Within moments of working with Allyson, she discovered a new income stream that we implemented immediately and 90-days later we had $25,000 in an entirely new profit center.

Allyson’s training and coaching for the MVP Performance team has increased the efficiency in our sales department, the leanness to our training packages and has taken us to the profitable platform that we’d been looking for.


When you book a Profit Boost Session, here’s the process:

1.Choose Your Track

1. Choose Your Track: Whether you’re just getting started as an entrepreneur, have just begun a brand new venture or you’ve been at it awhile, my Profit Boost Sessions offer the perfect solution for you. Choose from:

Own Your Story

You’ll work personally with me to develop your brand, your voice and your unique selling proposition (USP). Having done plenty of this work in the past, I know how to optimize your new business for maximum profits—before you even begin.

Allyson, Show Me the Money

Even if your current biz has been up and running awhile (and even if it’s pretty profitable), who couldn’t use a bottom-line shot in the arm? On the “Monetize Me” track, you’ll discover (and likely be shocked by) the amount of money you’re currently leaving on the table. Now, I agree it does suck to look at what could’ve been sometimes. But just imagine if you DON’T take this step right now for your business. Book your “Monetize Me” session now and you and I will work together to realize your MAXIMUM profit potential so you can start executing.

Make Biz, Money Money, My Way

Book Your 3-Hour Intensive: Profit BoosterTM Sessions for Networking, Marketing and Direct Sales Professionals & Home Based Business Leaders with Profit AcceleratorTM Allyson Byrd.

  • Rocket Boost Your Sales
  • Close 50%+ of Your Room & Grow Your Team
  • Build Accountability Systems
  • Establish Your Pipeline Goals and Make More Money
  • Crack the Code to Industry Domination and Create a Money Movement

2. Three-Hour Virtual Session

You and I will connect via Skype or Google Hangout (phone is also an option, but it’s best for us to see each other face-to-face). We’ll go through EVERYTHING pertaining to your business and how you can take it to the next level.

3. Follow Up Call

It’s likely you’ll be ON FIRE at the end of our virtual session. I want to make sure you stay that way and get the results you deserve. So you and I will hop back on the phone (or same video chat medium we used in step 2). I’ll hold you accountable

Book your session NOW and together we’ll develop a strategy for kicking your profits into full throttle mode!

YES! I’m ready to step my game up!
Profit Booster Half-Day Session