Who Is Allyson?

Unfiltered. Unapologetic.

Allyson Byrd, widely known for her reputation as the “Profit Accelerator™,” doesn’t apologize for who she is – and she doesn’t think you should either. Allyson didn’t always have it easy, and she wouldn’t change a moment of the life experience that led her to living her Divine Assignment.

From childhood and teenage years that were beyond shaky and unstable at times to a series of career “forward failures,” Allyson has just the right mix of education, motivation and – most importantly – vision, to help take your business to the next level through her unique method of accelerated profit strategies.

Allyson has coached her clients to win contracts with Fortune companies including:

Walmart, Kraft Foods, Ford, Mercedes, Bank of America, General Motors, UPS, P&G, Walt Disney Company, Walgreens, Target, Wells Fargo, Time Warner, Delta, Boeing, Toyota, Mercedes, Coca Cola, Chic-fil-A, Radio One, Black Enterprise, BET, CVS, Best Buy, Infusionsoft & more!

Common Questions

Who does Allyson work with?

Allyson works with everyone from entrepreneurs, speakers, coaches, authors, small business owners, sales professionals to corporations to rapidly accelerate profits through helping individuals and companies discover their blind spots and develop and implement profit strategies that will grow with an organization.

How is Allyson connected to Lisa Nichols (Featured in blockbuster hit film The Secret) and CEO of Motivating the Masses, Inc. and Founder of Motivating the Teen Spirit?

After a mutual friend introduced these two powerful ladies, Lisa become Allyson’s mentor. Fast-forward 5 years later and Allyson was hired to take Lisa’s sales to the next level. Within 18 months, Allyson had doubled the profits of Lisa’s back of the room and event sales, increasing by a whopping 1081%!

What is the best way to learn about Allyson's profit boosting techniques?

We recommend securing your spot for a Profit Booster Half-Day Session, or attending a live event. If your organization is looking to hire Allyson as a speaker CLICK HERE. Or, if you are in need of a sales trainer to help your teams master the art of enrollment or explode their monthly sales quotes CLICK HERE.